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11 Jab We Met Facts That Might Strike You As “Unrevealed”!

11 Jab We Met Facts That Might Strike You As “Unrevealed”!


Jab We Met Facts jo mujhe nahi pata? Not possible!” We understand, we understand. Like, who isn’t a fan of this crazy movie? And who hasn’t searched more about it?



Nonetheless, give us a chance to try! Read Jab We Met Facts below that might strike you as “unrevealed”.


1. One of the rare Jab We Met facts is its name! The name of the film was selected by a popular vote. The additional titles were Punjab Mail and Ishq Via Bathinda.


2. The alternative, Jab We Met, was recommended by Shahid’s father, Pankaj Kapur.


3. Wanna get some “chauka-dene wale” Jab We Met Facts? Here is one: A Serbian song called Nemam Elana was converted into a cover that we can’t stop dancing on even till now, Yeh Ishq Hai.


4. Another of the Jab We Met facts is also an “aweee” one! The role of Geet was based on a chatty girl who Imtiaz Ali faced on a bus in Delhi!


5. “Jab We Met facts ki baat ho aur Dara Singh se related kuch naa aaye? Aise Kaise ji?” The famous star wasn’t totally comfy when performing the scene where he has to say, “Mumbai mein toh nangi ghoomti hogi,” to Kareena Kapoor.


6. Another of the inspiring Jab We Met facts is also for Anushka Sharma’s fans. It was Geet’s personality that initiated the young actress’s desire to pursue a career in acting.


7. Many people on the set rejected the song, Aaoge Jab Tum, as it didn’t fit the youthful tone of the movie. What do you think?


8. This movie was revised in Tamil in 2009 as Kanden Kadhalai, starring Tamannaah as Geet.

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9. The beginning lines of Singh is King’s hit song Teri Ore was a part of Jab We Met’s Tum Se Hi before they got denied. *phew*


10. Want to know some crazy Jab We Met facts? Irshad Kamil was told by a fan that she sings Tum Se Hi in the morning as a bhajan!


11. The Ratlam scenes were not actually in Ratlam. The scenes were shooted in Shimla and Manali.



Ye, now you gotta survive that last point for life! And here, the list of our not so common Jab We Met facts comes to rest. In the end, if you are as crazy as us, it’s better to live in your daydreaming world rather than living in this real world. Right?

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