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24 hours after the first cry

24 hours after the first cry



The first 24 hours of both the baby and the mother are crucial after the delivery. I can assure you one thing Joey won’t come and propose to you just after the delivery, and you won’t have to say “Yes” just because you’re scared, just like Rachel did! Haha. Okay, jokes apart, it is a delicate moment, and the baby undergoes several procedures to ensure he is healthy and safe. Let’s know more about these procedures!



Five minutes after the infant arrives, he is poked, pricked, measured, tested, cleaned, and swaddled to make sure the baby is healthy.


The first hour- During the initial hour, the doctor uses an antibiotic eye ointment to avoid any eye infections caused by passing through the birth canal.


A Vitamin K shot is given in the thigh to prevent any issue related to clotting. 


Hours 2-3: The nurse examines the baby for his reactions and how well he adjusts to the newborn life.


Some mothers face problems in bonding with their newborns. These tips might help in rectifying this issue.


Having skin-to-skin contact with the baby as soon as possible might help mothers initiate their bonding and maternal instincts.   


During skin-to-skin contact love hormone Oxytocin is produced.


There are numerous ways to connect with your newborn, Cuddling, singing, always respond to their crying, make eye contact while holding or talking to them. 


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In 1952 Virginia Apgar designed a test to assess the effects of anesthesia on babies and their well-being. The test is determined based on the following aspects:

          A- Appearance

          P- Pulse

          G- Grimace

          A- Activity

          R- Respiration

The miracle of birth is celebrated and admired by everyone, but more so if you act as a surrogate for your brother’s children like phoebe did! 


Everybody knows the delivery process but, our tips and facts help mothers can bond with her newborn more proficiently. 

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