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9 Best Pani Puri Places In Ahmedabad That Will Make You Drool!

9 Best Pani Puri Places In Ahmedabad That Will Make You Drool!



Your search for the best Pani Puri Places in Ahmedabad ends with this column!


“Bhaiya Mera Meetha Lagana,” “Bhaiya Mera Teekha Lagana,” are phrases Indians have heard and used while eating Pani Puri. How can one live without enjoying this chatpata street-dish of India, be it in Kashmir or Ahmedabad! Here are some of the best Pani Puri places in Ahmedabad to take your taste buds on a feast.


1. Shantaben Pani Puri Wala

  • There is nobody in India who would be able to resist a puri with ragda mawa dipped in spicy mint water. On top of it, it breaks as soon as it enters your mouth. It is one of the best Pani Puri places in Ahmedabad, certainly.

  • Price per plate Rs 20/-


2. Jagdish Chaat & Pakodi Centre

  • It is just the place for you if you are craving some spicy chaat and Pani Puri. If eating spicy Gol Gappe is your thing, then you can’t miss out on Jagdish Chaat and Pakodi Centre!

  • Price per plate Rs 20/-


3. Masi Ni Panipuri

  • This place serves the best Pani Puri places in Ahmedabad that will get you addicted. They offer many other yummy items which would make your mouth water. Once the paani puri enters your mouth, you won’t be able to order something else on your first visit.

  • Price per plate Rs 20/-


4. Patel Ni Panipuri

  • This one is one of the best Pani Puri places in Ahmedabad. They offer fusions and variations like Panipuri Shots, Italian Panipuri, and Keri Puri Shots.

  • Price per plate Rs 20/-


5. Delhi Pani Puri Centre

  • If your appetite is monstrous, this place offers a family pack of 6 different flavours of Pani Puri. It also delivers the order in really “cool” packaging.

  • Price: NA


6. Rukshmani Pani Puri


7. Diwan Bhel Pakodi Center

  • This place serves one of the most delicious Pani Puri and Dahi puri in Ahmedabad. Put this place on your list if you are in Ahmedabad and love Pani Puri!

  • Price per plate Rs 40/-


8. Rasmadhur Sweets

  • When in Ahmedabad, this is a place you should visit to experience the flavourful Gol Gappe. This shop also offers many other tasty snacks, sweets.

  • Price per plate 25/-


9. Shree Laxmi Pakodi Center

  • You will find one of the yummiest and drool-worthy panipuri in Ahmedabad since 2005. Other than Pani Puri, also try some other tasty food that the Center has to offer.

  • Price per plate Rs 20/-


A crispy bite of a Pani Puri can surely satiate your hunger at times! So, as you traverse across Ahmedabad’s iconic places, keep giving yourself a yum-yum nom-nom treat in between with some of the suggested Pani Puri places in Ahmedabad!

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