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A Billionaire Naai Of India!

A Billionaire Naai Of India!


The story of Ramesh Babu, a Bengaluru based barber, is no doubt a “rack to the riches” one!


As you might have heard,

“If you are born poor, it is not your mistake.

But if you die poor, it is your mistake.”



He is a barber who owns a Rolls Royce Ghost and Mercedes-Benz Maybach worth around Rs 3.2 crore!



1. How an ordinary barber became an Indian Billionaire barber?

      From the age of 14, Ramesh Babu started working. He used to throw newspapers and milk distribution in his area and used to earn 100 rupees.

      Ramesh Babu’s father was a barber. When he was seven, he lost his father. After that, his uncle took over the business.

      After completing his SSLC education, he quit his studies and became a full-time Barber for household income.



2. Changing phase in his life

      Ramesh Babu was passionate about cars. From his Income and savings in 1994, He bought his first Maruti Omni van for personal use in a Bank loan.

      Ramesh Babu’s aunt gave him the idea of a Car rental service.

      After that suggestion, his mind clicked. He started a new business of car rental in 2004.

      From one to two and many customers, his business keeps growing.



3. Ramesh Babu Car collections.

      Ramesh Babu owns more than 600 cars. In which more than 120 luxury cars for rental service.

      Ramesh Babu was First Indian Barber to own a Rolls Royce Ghost worth Rs 6.9 crore.

      Ramesh Babu added a new beauty to his collection, becoming the 3rd person in Bengaluru to own a Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600 worth Rs 3.2 crore.

See Also

      Ramesh Babu also owns Audi, BMW, Jaguar, ISUZU and other brands of cars for rental purposes.



4. Ramesh Tours and travels owns all types and categories of cars are:

      Luxury Vans



      Super luxury

      Ultra Luxury




Ramesh Babu’s hard work and dedication towards his works made him so successful. After becoming a Billionaire, Ramesh Babu still visits his Saloons for haircutting at a very affordable price range of Rs.75-150. Whenever you visit Bengaluru and wanna explore Bengaluru hire a car from Ramesh Tours and Travel according to your Budget and enjoy your rides.

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