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A Movie That Continues To Win Hearts!

A Movie That Continues To Win Hearts!


Jab We Met, one of the most adored Hindi Romantic Films by the visionary Imtiaz Ali, was released in 2007, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. Itna feeka intro to such a movie that rules hearts even today is not justifiable, but we think its name is enough to get anyone excited about this blog. Haina?



1. At the time when it was produced, many other romantic genre movies were using the generic way of the narrative. Jab We Met was out of the blue. A new type of romance with a pinch of realism.



2. Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta were first in line for the roles of Aditya and Geet, but as it could not come to reality, young Shahid Kapoor became the cast.



3. Shahid was listing the script and urged his then partner to take up the role of Geet to Kareena, who accepted and joined the film.



4. In her career-defining performance, Kareena was stupendous as Geet–the quirky Punjabi from Bhatinda who loves to talk, talk and talk! Her natural ability to use the character and mould it in her ways was great to see.



5. Shahid Kapoor also takes you on the roads with his shy yet aware character of Aditya, who is lost and heartbroken in his world till he meets Geet on a train. Giving a mature performance, Shahid announced himself on the big stage.



6. Directing just his second film, people knew less about the creative romantic genius, that is Imtiaz Ali. His movie was like no other at that time, and he has gone on from strength to strength from Jab We Met.



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7. Jab We Met was out of any ordinary love story that people saw in Bollywood. This one with more on the ground than air made people believe the character more. People loved both Aditya and Geet alike.



8. The film was a super hit and opened new barriers for such stories to brew and make them come forward. In many ways, this film changed the narrative of many films to come in the genre.



9. Interestingly, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor broke up in mid-production of the film but still finished the film.



Jab We Met continues to win hearts even today. Its fans deem it as the best romantic film they’ve seen in Bollywood, and rightly so. Imtiaz Ali was on the map and was ready to take his fans on many different rides with his upcoming projects. 

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