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A Way to Stay Ever-Active at Work–Physical Fitness

A Way to Stay Ever-Active at Work–Physical Fitness


Even if you do not study about fitness thoroughly, you can still contemplate that physical fitness comes first and foremost to keep your body fit!

If you are physically fit, you'll be mentally healthy and emotionally stable as well.

Now, let's further, in clear points, try to grasp the main things that everyone must know about physical fitness.

1. Physical fitness refers to the activities that your body performs efficiently without fatigue.

2. In other words, a fit person can complete household chores, school work, homework and even then have enough energy to perform other sports activities.

3. There are 6 health-related and 5 skill-related areas in physical fitness.

4. Through 6 health-related activities, scientists have proved that one can reduce the chances of chronic diseases, promoting health and wellness. Sadly though it makes doctors pretty unwell.

5. Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition are the 5 components of Physical Fitness, which we will try to explain further:

5A. Cardiorespiratory Endurance:

It has to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body, kicking out the waste products from cells and elevating the heart rate.

5B. Muscular Strength:

Muscles are about force, strength and power, right? Thus, muscles directly engage in our day-to-day physical activities. That's why we must take care of them.

How? By feeding them the required amount of protein and doing regular exercise.

5C. Muscular Endurance:

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This element is a bit in love with your cardiovascular system, and thus keep an eye on it. Cardiovascular System is linked with muscular endurance, to sustain repeated strains and not let you go out of breath during an extensive physical activity.

Technically, this component cares about fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibre, which are two different types of muscle tissue.

5D. Body Composition:

This one measures the relative amounts of muscle, bone, water and fat in your body. If the ratio of body composition changes, one can maintain the same weight but a different shape.

5E. Flexibility:

The range of movement across a joint designed to stretch joints, ligaments and tendons is what flexibility covers.

Dynamic Stretching, Static-Active Stretching and Ballistic Stretching are three types of exercises to increase flexibility.

As you now know about all the technical aspects of physical fitness, you must also know that exercising is also a recommended activity by psychologists and psychiatrists. It is a direct link to your overall well-being, making you filled with fresh energy, a rejuvenated body and a way to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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