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A Wednesday Churns Out A Cracker Of A Thriller For Gen-Z!

A Wednesday Churns Out A Cracker Of A Thriller For Gen-Z!

A Wednesday

A Wednesday Churns Out A Cracker Of A Thriller For Gen-Z, something that Bollywood totally missed out on!

It is an absolute spine chiller which the Indian film industry barely produces. For the first time, it doesn’t hurt the insight of the watchers, nor does it lead us to leave our minds outside the halls. This one is grasping, leaving the watchers awestruck, and locked in.

A WEDNESDAY is what the purpose of cinema is about, the sort of film that can be a delight on any doomed day. 

 The Story 

  • The film is an encounter where one particular say (a Wednesday) walks in to turn things around in the city. 
  • Prakash Rathod goes on to narrate the most challenging case of his entire career. 
  • A random man goes to plant bombs and explosives in the Mumbai railway station. He then sets up a camp above a building and calls Rathod to inform about the bomb blast. 
  • Rathod immediately sets up his team to find the explosives and save the city. Will it be saved? What was the intention of the unnamed man?
A Wednesday

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The Characters

  • Naseeruddin Shah in his fifties with his common man set up will be relatable to a lot of people. From walking in as a man who is a bit comedic in his outing to being ready to blow up the city, the audience will feel that the man is furious about something. 
  • The perfect co-actor that Shah could have got was Anupam Kher. Kher as Rathod was as composed as cool ice. Two veterans appeared on the big screen, and the magic was spectacular. 
Anupam Kher with Naseeruddin Shah

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The Direction 

  • All hail and praise to the director, Neeraj Pandey, for documenting a story–ensuring it conveyed uniquely and precisely (without additional messy items–substandard of Bollywood).
  •  In an hour and a half, Pandey gives us the sort of spine chiller that gets you right away by the tangle of your neck. 
  • We wish this transitioning thrill ride clears the path for all the more sincere film making. 
Neeraj Pandey

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Did You Know

See Also

  • Pandey won the National Award for the best debut director. 
  • Hollywood went to make a remake of this film: “A Common Man,” starring Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross.
  • At first, Nana Patekar was considered to play the role of Shah. 
  • The name of Naseeruddin Shah was not unveiled in the entire film. It was addressed as the common man in the post-credit scene as well!
A Wednesday film

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Excellent performance, relaxing background music, and extraordinary camerawork—A Wednesday has it all that adds to the treat (that everyone must watch). Scrutinizing the general public, the average individual, the political set up, this waiting game conveys enough in it to make you think and contemplate. It is a story of our circumstances, and that is the thing that makes it all interesting.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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