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A Weekend To Kabul Afghanistan

A Weekend To Kabul Afghanistan


We all know about the current situation in Afghanistan. Every day what we hear is worse than the day before, there are still so many people who feel unsafe here in India, so I suggest that you go to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, which the Taliban have almost seized. Its purpose is to provide information to Muslim people in India who feel unsafe, fearful of harassment, assault, or torture just because they are Muslim.


Things To Do In Afghanistan

1. You will get a unique chance to share the gym with the Taliban that have almost no idea of using any equipment.

2. When you visit the amusement park with your children, the Taliban will play with them by themselves.

3.  For the ladies, as we all hate sun-tanning they have forced a particular rule of wearing the burka and if you don’t follow their instruction they will shoot you straight in the head.

4. You will also witness open fire in the air.

5. No studies for the ladies, and can`t go outside without the male member of the house (Paise Bach Gaye).

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6. If you are scared that your daughters will talk to other guys at the school, don`t because women cannot sit with boys.

7.     Parlours ke paise bhi bach gaye because they don’t allow women to go to any parlour.



And this is not at all a joke as I go through Instagram and other social media apps there I saw memes on this situation heartbreaking to see. The kind of cruelty people are facing is too much. Women have been sold on the middle road, forced to marry one of the Taliban. They rape their dead bodies. Men tend to be pushed to join their gangs. People are dying, bodies are hanging publicly, whatnot. Stop supporting them and stand against them. Humanity is not a subject of the joke.

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