About Us

At Desi ChalChitra, we are a team of dynamic geeks willing to flood the internet with the waves of information in the simplest of terms, through the simplest of mediums,  most engaging of platforms, and in most creative of ways. We are a group of hardworking individuals who have a “can-do” and “will do” attitude. 

We believe with right ATTITUDE, optimum APTITUDE one can achieve great ALTITUDE. We have creative and artistic minds from streams varying like science, commerce, law, mass communication, management etc. because the only criteria we follow is your willingness and enthusiasm to work. We want to inculcate the “Zeal to work” and “Love for Creativity” in every individual working with our team.

Currently, we are establishing our foot on 30+ categories, including everything inside our nation, India and also, outside our country talking about famous personalities, various books, sports, law, nature, and even ice-creams! We have already started to extend our roots on the most engaging platforms, namely, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

We approach the knowledge that you might lazily read on the internet, in the most peculiar ways, to simplify and provide them to the post-modern audience of the 21st century in the most aesthetic, visual, and unique forms. The content we scribble has the language of an ordinary man and is strictly away from the humdrum around politics and news. Under this shed, we are an entertainment and digital media company, who love to sound smart, by feeding information to the audience through innovative methods. 

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