Hi, I am Bhavya Aneelam, founder of Chittha Desi ChalChitra. Let me tell you how Chittha was conceptualised.

Desi Chalchitra is the culmination of a passionate journey dedicated to the world of cinema. My story is one of evolution and revelation, where a humble beginning paved the way for a deeper understanding of my true calling.

Chittha, my initial venture, came to life on January 3rd, 2020. Chittha, my endeavour, was never intended to be a blogging website focused on the film crew and their challenges. At its inception, it was conceived as a platform with 32 diverse verticals, a space where I could explore a myriad of interests. But fate had different plans.

As time passed, it became increasingly evident that my heart was drawn to the captivating realm of behind the scenes of a film. I realised that cinema was not just a passing fascination; it was my true calling, an irreplaceable part of my essence. My love for storytelling, the magic of the silver screen, and the intricacies of filmmaking were too profound to ignore.

It was this realisation that led to the birth of Chittha. My mission shifted, and my focus sharpened. I was determined to create a platform that celebrated every facet of Indian cinema, from the talented film crew to the challenges they face behind the scenes.

Chittha is my way of paying homage to the world of movies, acknowledging the relentless dedication of the film crew, and sharing the profound love I hold for this art form. I invite you to join us on this cinematic journey, to explore, learn, and celebrate the storytelling prowess of the silver screen with us.

At Chittha, film is not just a passion; it’s my purpose. I believe in the power of cinema to inspire, entertain, and enlighten, and I am committed to sharing that magic with you. Thank you for being a part of my story, and I look forward to many more chapters together.