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About Acrylic Paintings Kyunki “Thoda Artificial Hona Bhi Zaruri Hai”

About Acrylic Paintings Kyunki “Thoda Artificial Hona Bhi Zaruri Hai”


“Yeh un dino ki baat hai jab acrylic paint ka janam hua tha”.

In the 1940s, two talented painters invented “Acrylic” through (method of) trial & error of mixing oil and watercolours.

Acrylic paintings leave a next to real impression, and they are naturally talkative in nature. Let us explore more about Acrylic Paintings.

 1. Acrylic is one of the best materials for paintings that a painter can choose, as it not only takes one on a beautiful journey of oneself but is also:

  • Water-soluble
  • Least toxic painting colours; breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable layers of paints
Acrylic Painting

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2. Sasta, Tikau aur Mazedaar for Beginners

  • Acrylic paintings dry faster, thus making acrylic helpful for beginners to kick-start their painting journey.
  • A beginner will learn to take control of paints and not to be afraid of making mistakes.
  • Much-loved quality clients like Faber Castell and Camlin offer acrylic paints at a much affordable price.
Sasta, Tikau aur Mazedaar for Beginners

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  1. Variety hi Variety
  • Acrylic Paints are available in all types of containers: tubes, jars, plastic and glass bottles.
  • Tube Acrylic Paints are great to start with the acrylic paintings as they are portable and light-weighted.
  • Make sure you put back the lid to avoid killing it due to dryness!
Variety hi Variety

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  1. Kuch Zaruri Cheezein for Acrylic Paintings
  • One of the questions to ask yourself before sitting to paint is: “On what material are you painting?” You can begin painting on canvas, a simple paper or water-resistant paper.
  • To know about the surface to paint, you can begin by experimenting on different surfaces.
  • Paper and Canvas are the best options to explore initially. Many brands offer good quality like Brustro Artists, Canvas, Monte Marte Acrylic, etc.
Kuch Zaruri Cheezein for Acrylic Paintings

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  1. Har Ghar Ki Kahani, Ek Artist Ki Zubaani
  • Start using acrylic paint on surfaces available at home, like metal, glass or cardboard box.
  • DIY what you find waste in the home. Turn things useful using acrylic paintings!
  1. Showing OFF Your Paints
  • One painter can paint for leisure or some projects and later can showoff paints in craftwork, college projects, events, etc.
  • Gift your near and dear ones your paintings.
Showing OFF Your Paints

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  1. Brushes that Talk (Art Supplies)
  • There are multiple brands and sizes available for painting.
  • Material is available at both online and offline stores. Brands like Brustro and Camlin come with the material at affordable prices for beginners.
Brushes that Talk

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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