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Activists for LGBTQ+ Community

Activists for LGBTQ+ Community



The LGBTQ+ community has been struggling to make its place in the world since the beginning of time. However, some people work hard and make sure that the colors in the pride flags never fade away! Curious to know more about these activists? Keep on reading then!

        Ashok Row Kavi: A Journalist by profession, he was India’s first and oldest            gay activist. 

  • Founder of Humsafar Trust, an NGO that promotes LGBT rights.

  • Founder of India’s first gay magazine, Bombay Dost.

    Keshav Suri:
    He is the executive director of The Lalit Chain of Hotels.

  • He has come to be known as the Corporate face of Gay pride in our country.
    Sonal Giani: She is known to give voice to the lesbian and bisexual women in the community. 

  • She is the co-founder of the LGBT Youth group Yaariyan and Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender Umang.

    Laxmi Narayan Tripathi: She is a Transgender rights activist. She was involved with Ashok Row Kavi in the Humsafar trust NGO. 

  • She is the Acharya of the Kinnar Akhada.

    Manvendra Singh Gohil: He is the first openly Indian Gay prince in the world. 

  • She is the founder of STAR: Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. 

  • STAR is an organization that supports gay and transexual individuals who are left homeless.

    Laverne Cox: In April 2014, she was honored by GLAAD for her work as an advocate for the transgender community. 

  • She is also known for her role in the hit series Orange is the new black.

    Harish Iyer: He is a Mumbai-based LGBT rights activist, columnist and, environmentalist.

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