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Adapter-A Communicator

Adapter-A Communicator



An adapter works as a medium to build communications between two devices. It works as goal-oriented machinery that experiments with hardware and software.



Enter into the world of a gadget that connects, an adapter.


1. Adapter And Its Function

      An adapter connects a physical hardware device or any other electronic device to another hardware device.

      Its function is to supply power to devices like a laptop or a music player.



2. Applications Of Adapters

      An adapter has components like a transformer, a rectifier and an electronic filter.

      In different kinds of devices, the adapters work differently.

      In the telecommunication industry, many telephone and cable companies use adapters to build a communication network.

      Even in personal computers, with the help of adapters, printers, and external devices like a keyboard and mouse gets connected.



3. Benefits Of Adapters

      Each device needs an adapter to connect to other devices like keyboard and mouse adapters, network adapters, etc.

      Such connections allow a device to work flawlessly.



4. Types Of Adapters

      Host Adapter connects hard drives, networks and USB peripherals.

      Video adapter changes data into graphics texts.

      Fax adapters allow the computer system to communicate through fax.

      Network adapters allow sharing the data with other devices that are on the network.



5. Adapters For Phones

      Adapters for phones are known as chargers.

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      It supplies power to the phone’s battery and converts AC power to low voltage.



6. Adapters In Computer

      Adapters in computers have built-in cards that build connections to each device via the motherboard.



7. Some Commonly Used Adapters

      Laptop adapter

      Cigarette lighter adapter

      Car adapters

      Portable adapter

      Travel adapter



Adapters build strong communications that help electronics to function and give the necessary output. Each device needs specific voltage adapters. They come in varieties like built-in adapters and external adapters for external devices. So, how many of these adapters do you recognise and own?

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