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Facts You Must Read About Adidas!

Facts You Must Read About Adidas!


In this blog, find the facts about Adidas!


Originated one year after India’s independence, was a Brand, that is today one of the most preferred sports and shoe trademarks of the world.


We are talking about the company which has swag in its very name only, Da Da Adidas!

  1. Adidas was founded by Adolf–no, not Hitler! — “Adi” Dassler, precisely on 18 August 1949.

 2. If you haven’t presumed already smarty-pants, then– the brand’s name arose from the founder’s name, Adi Dasler.

3.  Their revenue in 2019 was estimated to be €21.915 billion

4.  In 2018, the company manufactured 409 million shoes and 457 million sports apparel.


5. The label owns more than 1000 independent factories and manufacturing units, in 62 countries.

6.  Jerseys, Shorts, Shoes, Shafts, Heads, Gloves, and Protective Pieces are some types of products that they manufacture

7.  Stan Smith is Adidas’s all-time best selling shoes.

8. 3D printed shoes and Flip-Flops were invented by Adidas.



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As of the current times, there are only 450 to 460 Adidas stores, globally, and the company is the second most successful sports apparel brand in the world, after Nike. It is also the largest sportswear producer in Europe.


 Do you know, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok come under the same portfolio? In fact, Puma is owned by Adi’s elder brother, Rudolf Dassler.


There’s an urban myth about this company that Adidas stands for All Day I Dream About Sports. Well, it is a backronym. Nonetheless, we still love it!


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