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Read About The Aerated Bubbly Chocolate, And Let Bubbles Melt

Read About The Aerated Bubbly Chocolate, And Let Bubbles Melt



Aerated Bubbly Chocolate is about ‘Bubbly bubbles inside and out.’


Since its invention more than 3000 years ago, chocolate has gone through several transformations. Today, it comes in many different shapes, flavours and sizes. From Matcha Chocolate and Bacon Chocolate to Peanut Butter and Ketchup Chocolate and Indian Curry Powder Chocolate! The list of unusual variants is so long that it puts the flavours from Willy Wonka’s factory to shame.


One such type is Aerated Bubbly Chocolate. Want to know what’s so unusual about this chocolate variant? Read on to find out.

  1. As its name suggests, in this variant of chocolate, a chocolate mass is injected with a “special” propellant. As a result, the chocolate mass converts into foam.

2. After “foaming,” the chocolate mass is cooled in a low-pressure environment. This expands the gas bubbles trapped inside the “foamed” chocolate mass. As the trapped gas is released, it leaves behind an array of bubbles in the chocolate.

3. An aerated bubbly chocolate bar is different from a usual chocolate bar. Though the taste may be identical (provided the two are of the same flavour), the “feel” of aerated bubbly chocolate is significantly different. Mouthfeel is fragile – it melts rapidly as soon as it enters the mouth. It is a unique experience altogether.

4. This method of chocolate production was invented by Rowntree’s, a British confectionery business, in 1935. The same company also developed Kit Kat.

Roshan Dark Bubble

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5. Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide are the most commonly-used propellants. They are in aerated drinks too.

Roshen Caramel Bubble

6. Since aerated bubbly chocolates have a lower weight-volume ratio than a usual chocolate bar, they are low in calories. Therefore, dieticians recommend them as a substitute for regular chocolate.

vanilla bubble


  1. Since their creation in 1935, aerated chocolates have become one of the most popular variants of chocolate, today available in several flavours and sizes.
Roshen chocolates

8. Some countries have region-specific flavours. For example, Vanilla Milkshake, Hot Milk, and Green Tea are Japan-exclusive flavours of aerated chocolate.

Aero chocolate

9. In India, Cadbury is the biggest manufacturer of aerated bubbly chocolate. Its aerated chocolate, named Bubbly, is one of the most sold products from its chocolate catalogue.

aerated chocolate

The use of air as an ingredient is neither new nor surprising. Carbonated drinks have been around for more than 900 years. What’s surprising is how it metamorphosed the whole experience of eating chocolate. The slogan of the Australian Campaign for Aero has aptly said-

“It’s the bubbles of nothing that make it really something.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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