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Ride In Aerial Tramway To Experience Hill Station At Its Majestic High

Ride In Aerial Tramway To Experience Hill Station At Its Majestic High

aerial tramway

Ever tried an aerial tramway to experience Hill Station? NO?? Then, you are surely missing something big in your life!

For many, ropeways are an everyday activity, but for some, it’s a lifetime experience. Thus, riding in an aerial lift to experience a hill station is a “must-must”.

Here, find out why the aerial tramway is one of the best ways to experience the magnificence of a hill station.

1. Although treks, car and bike rides could be suitable options, the aerial view of clouds and the sunset is an unmatchable experience, which is only possible through cable cars.

aerial tramway

via  kuriositas

2. These are known with many names: sky tram, ropeway, aerial lift.

3. An aerial tramway is basically an automobile that uses a cabin and ropes to cover distance at higher altitudes (“aerial” or elevated).

4. Just ride in an aerial tramway to experience the hill station in a gorgeous bird’s eye view: one of the best features of this locomotive!

5. The aerial lift is a 17th- century invention. It has evolved from hauling skiers & tourists to convenience to transporting commuters.

aerial tramway

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6. One of the things that we die for is smooth motion while in a locomotive, and aerial tramways don’t compete with traffic.

sky tram

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7. These are a low-emission form of transportation, as their motor generates less resistance than land-bound transport.

8. They provide no-wait service, moving continuously without interruption. Like, what’s better than that!?

9. Although all about ropes and at high altitudes, almost anyone one can ride in an aerial tramway to experience hill station. It is accessible to passengers with impaired mobility and wheelchair users.

So, now you reach a hill station, opt for an aerial tramway to experience Hill Station at its grandeur!

 “Kyunki Hill Station gaye aur aerial tramway pe ni chadhe toh kya Hill Station gaye???”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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