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African Sheepbush Demand Some Real Efforts To Be Found!

African Sheepbush Demand Some Real Efforts To Be Found!

African Sheepbush

African Sheepbush is not something that people usually ask for when they go to a nursery. But even if someone did, the response would be Error 404: Plant not found.

Read on to know more about this plant that is found rarely around us.

1. Pentzia incana is the scientific name for African Sheepbush. It primarily grows in South Africa but has been imported to Australia also.

African Sheepbush

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2. The name of the genus ‘Pentzia‘ was decided after a Swedish plant collector, Hendrik Christian Pentz.

3. Dry and disturbed sites are the prime locations where the African Sheep bush grows. These sites include waste places, pastures, roadsides in deserts, etc.

4. This plant reproduces in two ways, one of them being through seeds. The other way includes rooting through the branches that come in contact with the soil.


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5. African Sheepbush grows as dense shrubs, with a height between 30cm to 60cm. Their leaves are bundled together like pine needles and are 3-9mm long.

6. Its flowers are yellow, and flower heads are 0.5-1.3 inches long, ball-like and round. Their flower stalks are long.

7. The small yellow flowers of African Sheepbush are visited by Hummingbirds and small mammals, including the Rodents, to obtain food, nectar, shelter, and protection.

8. Apart from the Hummingbirds and Rodents, African Sheepbush provides food and nectar to insects, including butterflies and moths.

9. This one is a highly aromatic shrub. Its leafy twigs are commonly used to get relief from stomach aches.

stomach aches

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Bringing forth this information about African Sheepbush (aka Pentzia incana) seemed to be the most viable option as we knew that you would not be travelling all the way to South Africa just for the sake of a plant!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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