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Air Force Movies Ki Tezi Bana De Apko Crazy!

Air Force Movies Ki Tezi Bana De Apko Crazy!



 Air Force movies will fill your mind and heart with speed, desh bhakti and spirit to sacrifice, with a tint of romance. Not only being obsessed with their empowered uniform and charm, but the way they inspire you to achieve your dreams is something that drives you crazy. So here are must-watch airforce movies for you, thanks to us later, Okay?


1. Aradhana

Aradhana deals with a love story of an aircraft fighter pilot who dies in a plane crash. But, his lover gets pregnant without marriage. The movie then shows the struggle she goes through as a single mother.

Genre-Thriller, romance

Rating-IMDb 7.6

Director-Shakti Samanta

Duration-2h 49min



2. Vijeta

Vijeta is an air force movie that tells the story of a teenager’s confusion around his career. He also suffers because of the marital problems between his parents. But ultimately chooses to be a fighter pilot in the Indian Air force and shocks all of them with his decision.

Genre-Thriller, action drama

Rating-IMDb 7.4

Director-Govind Nihalani

Duration-2h 31m



3. Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

Gunjan Saxena is an air force movie based on the struggles of a girl to become a pilot at such a time when only men used to be in the Indian Air Force. A real based story about the first female who made history by flying a jet in combat during the Kargil War in 1991.

Genre- Thriller, action drama, autobiography

Rating- JustWatch 80%

Director- Sharan Sharma

Duration- 1h 52m



4. Airlift

A history-based airforce movie where Iraq invades Kuwait in 1990, where a mission is undertaken to rescue trapped Indians through an airlift mission.

Genre- Thriller, action drama

Rating- IMDb 8.0

Director- Raja Menon

Duration- 2h 6m



5. Sangam

A tragic love triangle where an airforce pilot assumed to be dead but comes back. He marries the love of his life, while her love lady was planning to marry his best friend.

Genre- Thriller, action drama, romance

Rating- IMDb 7.5

Director- Raj Kapoor

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Duration- 3h 58m



6. Top Gun

A movie where an air force pilot competes with each other to be the best in the class. Also, a young participant learns new tricks from a civilian that was not in the class.

Genre- Action, drama

Rating- IMDb 6.9

Director- Tony Scott

Duration- 1h 50m



7. Flyboys

An airforce movie where two young Americans volunteer for the French Military before World War 1, becoming the first fighter pilots.

Genre- 1h 50m

Rating- IMDb 6.9

Director- Tony Scott

Duration- 1h 50m


So after having an action-filled time, these air force movies are going to give you a different kind of peace and feeling of love to express to your friends, family and beloved.


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