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Air Pumps And Their Types To Blow-Up Your Mind

Air Pumps And Their Types To Blow-Up Your Mind

Kali Sharma
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Chalo phir baat ki jaye types of air pumps ke baare mein. You must have used air pumps all your life, but do you know how they work and what are their types?

All pumps contain a vane, piston, impeller and diaphragm that helps the airflow to circulate in and out. Now, as you know the definition of air pumps, read below the different types of air pumps:

  1. Stand Pump (Track-pump)
  • Stand Pump is a multi-functional pump and can be seen easily in every car or bicycle owner.
  • It works on the push and pulls mechanism.
  • Stand Pumps are portable and can provide high-pressure air.
  • Stand Pumps can cost around Rs 150/piece (approx).
  1. Hand Pump (Mini-pump)
  • Portable and smaller in size, mini-pumps are an excellent choice for travelling purposes.
  • They are used for emergency and occasional use due to their air pressure.
Hand Pump

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  • Hand pumps are mostly used to pump air in Football, Volleyball and other sports equipment.
  • Hand Pump can cost around Rs 100/piece (approx).
hand pump

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  1. Co2 inflators
  • Co2 inflators provide a significant airflow for a short period and can be called air shot.
  • Co2 inflators come in various sizes. There are 16-gram and 20-gram units amidst others that contain carbon dioxide.
Co2 inflators

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  • These air pumps are mostly used by racers who need to save time when they have a flat tire.
  • Co2 inflators can cost around Rs 1200/pack of five (approx).
  1. Electric Air Compressor
  • The electric air compressor has an inbuilt gauge which allows it to take accurate readings of the air pressure.
  • Air compressor has very high air pressure that is mostly used for filling car-tire and inflate bounce (mickey mouse wala jhula).
  • Due to the size of the air pump, it is used in mechanic shops or homes.
  • An electrical air compressor can cost around Rs 3800/piece (approx).

Make a wise decision before choosing the perfect air pump according to your use: Kyunki Bina Hawa Gadi ka tyre Jase Bina Pani ke machli.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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