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Akbash: A ‘Conscious’ White-Fur Purebred Turkish Dog Breed

Akbash: A ‘Conscious’ White-Fur Purebred Turkish Dog Breed


Akbash is known as a shepherd or livestock guardian/protection dog. This class of dogs is thinking, independent and emotional. But there’s a lot more to know about this dog-breed, so keep reading-

1. The Akbash is a calm and conscious breed of dogs native to Turkey. This breed likes to roam free and guard bravely.

  1. Their furs are white. Due to their fur colour, which easily mixes with their surroundings, Akbash is usually bred to protect cattle and sheep from hunters.
  1. Akbash is a big dog. They can easily manage the movement of excited children.

4. Not many people knew about the Akbash breed in the past. Akbash was first bred almost 3,000 years ago to protect sheepherder’s gatherings from other hunting predators.

5. The name Akbash is a Turkish word, meaning “white head”. The Akbash breed is known as the national dog of Turkey.

6. This breed is large in size and can weigh between 75 to 140 pounds. Their height can range from 27 to 34 inches from the arm.

7. Akbash likes to be a dutiful dog. It can be sensitive towards its owner and even other animals. As it’s a thinking breed, it likes to cut off at times.

8. As this dog is usually trained not to be tempted by bribes, it isn’t easy to get Akbash into a play. Nonetheless, Akbash can be combative when challenged. Obedience activities are just not for Akbash. Thus, it isn’t a dog for everyone, indeed.

9. Like all dogs, you should follow up with your Akbash’s regular veterinary checkups to recognize any health matter early. Your vet can help you develop a care routine that will keep your dog strong.

10. When it comes to feeding an Akbash, an ideal of this breed diet should be formulated for a large breed with low energy. Akbash can gain weight quickly.

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Yes, so who was saying that dogs are easy to be tamed? If you are planning to tame an Akbash, it’ll be on your face like, “Ah! You gotta’ be kiddin’ me.”

Although a highly loyal breed, Akbash isn’t easy to control or train dogs. A thinking dog needs a highly understanding (who knows its behaviour) and conscious human friend!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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