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Akita Breed: Cute Dogs With Not So Cute Side When It Comes To Their Family!

Akita Breed: Cute Dogs With Not So Cute Side When It Comes To Their Family!


Akita is simply a charming breed of Dogs because of their intimidating behaviour. It does not back down, nor back out. It has also earned a reputation of being faithful towards its owner. But there’s a lot more to discover about Akita Breed as you’ll scroll:

1. There is a little controversy regarding Akita Breed. Usually, American Akita and Japanese Akita have been accepted as two separate breeds (except in the US).

2. The Breed came into recognition globally due to the true story of the Loyal Akita, Hachikō. The dog lived in Japan before World War II.

3. Akita are an aggressive breed and do not like to socialise. As it is independent and dominant, Akita requires thorough training. Its training must begin from an early age (when it is 6-8 weeks old).

4. Akita is often considered a cat-like or a feline dog as it likes to groom itself. It demands attention and affection. Overall a low-maintenance breed, it requires regular brushing as it sheds quite a lot of its coat.

5. The Akita is named for the region of Akita, Northern Japan. This powerful breed was introduced to America by a woman of no small stature- Helen Keller.

  1. Size: Male Akita – 26 to 28 inches, weigh 85 to 130 pounds. 

Female Akita – 24 to 26 inches, weigh 70 to 110 pounds.

7. Personality: Akita is usually wary of strangers but very loyal to their family. They are fearless, combative, and intelligent. They are best for a one-dog family but not recommended for new dog parents.

8. Akita likes to be part of an adoring family. Also, it demands a minimum of daily exercise to maintain its fitness level.

9. Feeding: Daily amount of 3 to 5 cups of high-quality dry meals a day is often advised.

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At the end of this, one is reminded of that thought, “इंसानो से ज्यादा कुत्तो पर भरोसा करो, वे बेवजह कभी वार नहीं करते।”

So, if you want a loyal guard and a best friend for yourself, consider homing an Akita!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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