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All About Hair Clips

All About Hair Clips



Life without hair clips is impossible for people with long hair. The origin of hairclips goes way back. Let’s know more about the most basic hair accessory. 


  1. Hair clips and accessories are being used for ages by humans. They help people to keep their hair in place, tidy and from tangling.

  2. In ancient times hair clips were used to be made from wood and natural sources like tortoiseshell. They were used both to decorate, hold, and comb the hair.

  3. Nowadays, hair clips are often made out of plastic and metal, sometimes from feature decorative fabrics.

  4. Hair clips are also known as barrettes or hair clasp. They are worn in different styles depending on their size. Small hair clips are used on the front and large ones in the back as they can hold more hair.

  5. Women tie their hair in different ways depending on new trends and their comfort level. Hair clip plays an essential role in keeping hair out of women’s eyes and keeping their hair intact, whether it’s a bun, ponytail and French twist.

  6. Sometimes hair clips are used solely as a decorative by females. Short clips are used for pulling back the front pieces of the hair.  

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  7. For pull back long hair, larger hair clips are designed, which are 8-10cm in length and are usually worn at the back of the head.

  8. The 20th century came with various new kinds of hair clips. The most famous among them are the elongated hair clip, invented in 1972 by Marnie Bjornson.

  9. There are many different types of hair clips, such as the alligator clip, bow barrette, butterfly clip and many more.


Even today, it’s not easy to pass a day without a hair clip. Is it?

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