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All the firsts: Pahle pyaar ke pahle kadam!

All the firsts: Pahle pyaar ke pahle kadam!



Pahla nasha pahla khumar naya pyaar hai naya intezar! The feeling of first love oooh just thinking of it gave me goosebumps, vo school me sabka chidana and the butterflies in your stomach. First love comes with a lot of firsts. Every milestone is a step towards the future as a couple. You know, the first time you understood what Anjali meant when she told Rahul Kuch Kuch Hota hai Rahul tum nhi samjhoge, you were in love. Let’s relive all those firsts!


The first date: Facetiming your friend and rummaging through your closet to find the perfect fit for your first date. All the nervousness and the jittery feeling vanishes after you notice how beautiful their eyes are. 


The first kiss: As Taylor Swift says, it’s the first kiss, it’s flawless, it’s really something we all reminisced about the first time we locked lips with someone we loved. 


The first hug: Hugging someone you love releases stress and makes you feel safe and sound. Although the first hug is awkward, how do we decide whether to hug or not? Or what if we do it all at once and ruin our first impression? So many thoughts! 


The first stalking: You remember when you start stalking them seriously, and your fingers begin to move across their Instagram account.


The first fight: Your first real fight will make you realize their importance in your life. Make sure to be understanding and know that it’s not the end. 


The first ‘I Love You: When Blair from Gossip Girl said to Chuck, Three words eight letters say it and I’m yours, we all felt weak in our knees. The feeling of saying I love you goes beyond everything. 

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The first shopping spree together: This marks a step forward in your relationship. When you go shopping together, you get to know how picky they are and, they’ll take you from shop to shop until they find the perfect fit. 


The first TV Series: Netflix and chill, is the ultimate date idea. Choosing which series to watch together might get confusing. Either you both can obsess over FRIENDS or, in my case, he just says, “I don’t understand what the big deal is about that show!”! 


The first time they open up to you: Being in a relationship comes with a lot of understanding. Making sure your partner feels comfortable enough to open up to you about anything and everything. 

This pretty much sums up all the firsts well unless, of course, you like to draw up a contract like Sheldon Cooper. Haha! Let us know in the comments below how were your firsts? Awkward or magical?

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