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All-in-one Computer Sab Jaanta Hai

All-in-one Computer Sab Jaanta Hai



Heard about all-in-one computers? It means a single product, having many items added together to get all the features, all at once. From the desktop to all-in-one computers, our life has become a lot simpler, and whose value we see during zoom meetings or virtual classrooms.



In this section, know about all-in-one computers that change the era of technology totally.



1. What are All-in-one Computers?

      In simple language, an all-in-one computer means a personal computer (PC).

      Also known as a single unit PC carrying the combination of monitor and the processor.



2. Difference between Desktop and All-in-one Computers

      Differentiating majorly due to the number of components present in each computer system.

      Basic desktop computers have separate monitors. All-in-one computers have a monitor and the computer in one package.



3. First All-in-one Computer

      In 1972, the first all-in-one computer was launched, HP 9830. It had a hard drive for memory storage along with BASIC as the programming language.

      Popularly available for the consumer, Apple iMac debited its journey of all-in-one computers in 1998.



4. Components of All-in-one Computer



      Integrated touchscreen

      Solid disk drives

      Heavy storage for memory



5. Advantages of All-in-one Computer

      The system minimizes the number of devices

      It occupies less space

      Mess-free floor due to less number of wires

      Powerful system available with sleek designs



6. Disadvantages of all-in-one computer

      Very expensive

      Difficult to customize and upgrade to latest versions of Operating Systems

      Not an easy task to repair and service its components



7. All-in-one Computer System VS Laptops

      Laptops are more flexible and easy to move between different locations.

      The size of the screen of the all-in-one computer varies between 20 and 27 inches. The screen of the laptops is less than 17 inches.

      Laptops are less expensive than their counterparts.


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8. All-in-one Computer System VS Desktop Computer

      Desktop PCs are easy to upgrade with an operating system, whereas the all-in-one system lacks the upgrade option.

      For game lovers, a gaming desktop PC is more preferable to an all-in-one system.



9. Best all-in-one Computer System in the Market:


      Surface Studio 2

      Dell XPS 27 AIO

      iMac Pro

      HP Envy Curved All-in-One

      Lenovo Yoga A940



10. Brands that Build All-in-one PCs








Gone are the days when consumers were restricted to only one type of computer with many heavy components. With advanced technology, each consumer needs an all-in-one personal computer that is easy to use and hassle-free with no wires tangling around.

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