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Know About Almonds As You Eat Them To Sharpen Your Memory

Know About Almonds As You Eat Them To Sharpen Your Memory


There is a saying about almonds in India, “DIMAG KAMZOR HAI, BADAAM KHAYA KAR!” Every Indian must have heard this in his/her lifetime.

Let’s know about the tree which ripens your beloved “dimag-ki-batti jala dene waale” nuts, Almonds.

1. The almond tree, also known as Prunus dulcis, is a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. Its also classified with the peach within the subgenus Amygdalus.

Almond tree

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2. The almond tree belongs to Iran and surrounding countries but is widely cultivated in other countries as well.

3. The ideal growing conditions for an almond tree are mild climate, abundant sunshine, rich soil, and water supply. 

Almond growing conditions

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4. The almond tree has a height between 13-33ft and a trunk of 20-30cm in diameter. The tree is green when planted and gets purplish when exposed to sunlight. In the second year, it gets grey, and the leaves are 8-13cm long.

5. The almond tree doesn’t begin bearing till the third year after planting. It takes almost five to six years for an almond tree to reach its full bearing.

6. The fruit of the almond tree is also called almond. It is a drupe and not a nut, with a hard shell or covering known as an endocarp. Inside the endocarp is an edible seed that is called a nut.

7. The almond tree has a very high risk of getting attacked by a group of damaging organisms, including fungal pathogens, plant viruses, bacteria and insects.

8. The United States is the largest producer of almonds, followed by Spain, Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, and Australia.

9. Almonds are mostly eaten raw, but they have many culinary uses in various dishes and desserts worldwide.

Almonds dish

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In India, almonds are taken rather seriously when mothers need to add in or increase the ability of “comprehension” and flavour in children’s milk, halwa, kheer, and more.

Planning of planting an almond tree in your backyard? Aren’t you?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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