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Amaranth Plant Ki Amar-zing Qualities

Amaranth Plant Ki Amar-zing Qualities


Amaranth is a short-lived plant with such fascinating qualities to leave you in awe of its Amar-Anth!

1. Amaranth is the collective name given to the short-lived perennial plants belonging to the Amaranthus species. Some of the Amaranth species are grown as pseudocereals, ornamental plants and leafy vegetables.

Amaranth Plant

2. Amaranth originates from Mexico, Peru and Central America. Amaranth was served as the staple food for Aztecs for nearly 8000 years.


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3. Presently there are around sixty species of the amaranths plant present around the world. Only three of these are commercially supreme to cultivate.

4. The Amaranths plant are capable of surviving in various climatic conditions. Mild temperature and climate, loose soil and high altitudes are best suited for its cultivation.

Amaranths plant

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5. These plants can grow up to 10 feet in height and have an erect bushy stem. Belonging to a family of self–pollinating plants, it blooms during summer and autumn.

6. Amaranth is rich in Protein, Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibres.

self-pollinating plants

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7. Amaranth could be used in flour to prepare bread and for thickening soups, sauces and stews.

8. The plant is superior to rice and wheat in terms of nutritional value. Also, it is rich in L-lysine, an essential amino acid that facilitates the hormones and antibodies in the human body.

9. Sadly though, after all that we have known, the Amaranths plant has a short life cycle, ending in around one or a few years.

Nonetheless, this plant has healing leaves! Amaranth leaves are edible, so you can add them to your daily protein to avail of their health benefits.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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