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Amateur astronomers: Taaro ki sair!

Amateur astronomers: Taaro ki sair!



‘Taare gin gin yaad ch teri mai ta jaagan raata nu’, ab gin raho ho tare to atleast learn something about it! Are you an aspiring astronomer or just someone who is fascinated by the night sky? Let us take a look at a few tips for amateur stargazing. Keep on reading to find out more!


Take the help of observation guides, sky maps, and star charts as references for discovering the sky. 


In the beginning, you don’t necessarily require a telescope. A pair of binoculars will do just fine.  


Decide your niche. The sky is full of opportunities. The planets, deep-sky objects, or comets choose what interests you and focus on that. 


Find a clear spot, move away from the city lights where there are no tall buildings to get a clear view of the sky. 


Get familiar with the sky and, the best way to do that is by reading books. 


Some of the books are Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to viewing the universe by Terence Dickinson and The Backyard astronomers guide by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer. 


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Try to seek out other amateur stargazers and share your passion for astronomy. 


If you are looking for a community or a blog for amateur astronomers, click on the link given below for Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi. 

These tips will help you pursue your passion for astronomy, be it just a hobby or a career option. When we sit beneath the stars, wondering what each heavenly body is named or what constellation we see, we are all fascinated by their beauty. To know more about these beautiful stars, follow the given tips. Let us know if you are an astronomer and what made you fall in love with the stars. 

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