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Amit Trivedi: Journey of the Versatile Composer

Amit Trivedi: Journey of the Versatile Composer

Ritika Gupta

Amit Trivedi is a musician of India’s Mainstream Music Industry. With the capability to play between and with the several genres of music, Trivedi has dug his path, in his own unique way, giving his fans, his kind of music.


Let us know the development of the musician, lyricist and composer, Amit Trivedi and be inspired!

1. Natively belonging to Ahmedabad, Gujrat, Amit Trivedi was born in Bandra, Mumbai on 8 April 1979.

2. Always attracted towards electronic musical equipment, initially, when he was still growing up, Trivedi remained in touch with Gujarati Folk, Traditional and Devotional Songs mostly. Later, he was driven to the classics.

3. He became a part of Om Band during his new-adult years of college. The band did well, performing in local and small live shows. The band was also recognised by the Times Music. Soon, they launched an album. The album was not commercially successful.

4. After his college years, the newly found Trivedi, went on to compose plays and give his music to various shows, Marathi movies, live shows and more.

5. Very few people might know that Trivedi also worked for Airtel and McDonald’s, even though briefly. He was the composer of their advertisement sounds.

6. As the man kept on exploring his music, he received an opportunity to compose music for music-albums for Sony BMG. He was introduced to this by Arvind Vishwakarma, the Owner of Audio Garage Recording Studio. There, he worked on the songs like Junoon, vocalised by Abhijit Sawant and the debut album of Parshant Tamang. He arranged music for several other musicians.

7. Shilpa Rao was the one who first suggested the name of Amit Trivedi to the director Anurag Kashyap as he was in a distinct composing vision. That is how Dev D finally came in the way of Amit Trivedi.

8. As the movie was facing delays, Kashyap asked Trivedi to provide a score to the movie Aamir. As Trivedi, along with the director of the movie, worked on daily marketing of the film, the movie received a positive critical acknowledgement.

9. In 2008 Dev D was released. The 18-tracks long-soundtrack was positively received. Trivedi vocalised 5 songs in the movie and also wrote the lyrics of Aankh Micholi. Songs like Emosanal Attyachar, Saali Khushi and O Pardesi became chartbusters.

10. Amit Trivedi went on to win the RD Burman Award, Filmfare and also the National Film Award for Best Music Direction!v

11. In 2009, he wrote the score and gave his composition of the song, Iktara to the movie Wake Up Sid.

12. He went on to compose Game for More for the Royal Challenger Bangalore. He also wrote the track for Big Switch (UTV Bindass). He also gave background music and vocals to the soundtracks of Aisha.

13. In 2018, he won the award of Best Song for his song, Naina Da Kya Kasoor for the movie Andhadhun.

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14. For the same movie, he was also honoured with the award of Best Music Director of the Year by the Power Brands.

15. Amit Trivedi has also been on various TV Shows of MTV. He also composed the title song of the TV-Show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi.


Amit Trivedi today is recognised for his versatility and a rare sense of music, from metal to folk! The composer has won several awards and nominations, including (as told before) the highest recognition for Music Composers in India, the National Film Award for Best Music Direction.


Our editors at Desi ChalChitra cannot wait to now plug-in the playlist of Amit Trivedi next! Which ones do you suggest to add in the queue?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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