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Deer-Looking Antelopes Are Elegant Animals Of Afro-Asian Plains

Deer-Looking Antelopes Are Elegant Animals Of Afro-Asian Plains


An antelope is a hoofed animal belonging to the Bovidae family. It looks like a deer, usually found in Africa, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

  1. Antelopes are commonly found in forests and plains of Africa and Asia. They have an elegant, bounding leap.

2. They rely on their incredible speed and quickness to escape from fearsome hunters.

3. The antelope is also a significant animal for human medicine and culture.

4. Antelope is associated with the wind in some African traditions.

5. The antelope horns are of keratin, the same substance present in nails, hair, claws, and hooves.

6. Antelope is often compared to deer. But unlike deer, it keeps the same horns their entire lives instead of discarding them each year.

7. They change colour from dark greyish-brown in winter to white in the summer, an effective method of controlling body temperatures.

8. Antelopes differ in size and shape. The largest antelope is the Eland Antelope which is 6 feet tall and weighs up to 1450 pounds.

9. The smallest is the Royal Antelope, sized like a rabbit, 10-12 inches in height.

10. Antelopes are herbivores. They only feed grass, shoots, and seeds. Sometimes, Duikers’ Antelope eat bugs or small birds.

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11. Depending on the species, four to nine months after the mating period, baby antelope is born. Mother Antelope keeps Baby Antelope secretly until they become strong because they are an easy target.

There are 90 different species of antelopes. But sadly, because of poaching and loss of habitat, 25 of them are categorised under endangered species.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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