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Apple Ice Cream Everyday to Keep the Doctor Away!

Apple Ice Cream Everyday to Keep the Doctor Away!

Ritika Gupta

Here’s a great way to eat an apple daily to keep the doctor away with the yummy delicacy: Apple Ice Cream.

1. Originated in England, Apple has become the most essential fruit in the world, recommended by each doctor to be eaten every day. Combine it with Ice Cream, and there we go with our health!


2. Some common ingredients in this ice-cream are as follows:

    • Sugar / Brown Sugar / White Sugar
    • Milk (Condensed)
    • Peeled and chopped Apples
    • Heavy Cream (Whipped)

3. Beaten Egg Yolk, a tincture of Salt, Food Colouring (Red/Green), Vanilla, Lemon Juice are also used in some other variations of Apple Ice Cream.

4. You can buy it from almost any Ice Cream Parlor and many other shops today. Nonetheless, must-try brands are- Naturals and Giani (Naturals Custard Apple Ice Creams and Giani Apple Ice Creams).

5. Some variations of Apple Ice Creams include Caramel Apple Ice Creams, Apple Crisp Ice Creams, Custard Apple Ice Creams, Green Apple Ice Creams, Blue Apple Ice Creams, Apple Syrup Ice Creams, Apple Kulfi, Apple Cider Ice Creams and many more!

6. Interestingly, there’s a “renowned” Indian Ice-Cream Rickshaw-wala, you can find somewhere between the roads of Chawri Bazar and Chandni Chowk. He makes another variation of Ice-Creams, naming it– Fruit Salad Ice Cream. So what he does is, chop an apple into tiny particles and add them in homemade ice cream!

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7. Do you know you can try Homemade Apple Ice Creams just right now! All you have to do is– fry the chopped apples in butter till they turn brown and turn it into a puree, mix it with the whisked cream and condensed milk and let it freeze.

Homemade Apple Ice Cream

via thewhoot

Apple Ice Creams are indeed a great way to sweeten your every morn healthily!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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