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Grow An Apple Tree, Make Life Doctor-free!

Grow An Apple Tree, Make Life Doctor-free!


An Apple is a widely cultivated fleshy fruit. Most common things are often the least explored. But now, as you are here, read about this easy-to-plant fruit and its tree below.

1. An apple is an edible fruit, scientifically called Malus domestic. Its tree can easily be cultivated at home like many other plants!


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2. Apples tree originated from Central Asia. Malus sieversiji is its wild ancestor and still can be found today.

3. Apple trees take up very little space to grow because they are usually grown as half standards and bush trees. They are further chopped into various shapes.

4. Apple trees are typically categorised into three: cider, dessert, and cooking. There are several variations of this edible fruit, differing in size, colour, aroma, smoothness, and at times, even crispness and tang!

cider, dessert, and cooking

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5. Apples tree (especially Malus species) are native to both hemisphere temperature zones. They can be grown at any time of the year.

6. This fruit’s types were recognised more than 2000 years ago. In Europe, hundreds of apple varieties were known even before the settlement of America.

apples varieties

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7. Apple trees are grown in a sheltered and sunny spot: the blossom will attract pollinators while the sun will ripen the apple.

8. Bees, beneficial insects, butterflies, moths, birds, and other pollinators are attracted to the Apples tree. It has a pollen-rich flower, making it a good wildlife plant, as it becomes a shelter and habitat provider for birds and a caterpillar food plant.

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9. We all know, an apple a day can keep a doctor away. So, why not plant an apple tree in your backyard or garden? All you need are apple seeds. The other way is to buy a young, ready-trained tree instead of seeds.


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Here is a tip:- You can simply grow apples in containers at home!

So stop saying, “Aaj kal ke sebo mein vo baat kaha…” as you’ll be enjoying soon “ghar pe ugge swadisht seb!”

Baat nahi, mehnat karo: seb ugao, seb khao aur seb khilao!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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