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Archery: The First Ever Art Of Hitting The Bulls-Eye

Archery: The First Ever Art Of Hitting The Bulls-Eye


Archery is a skill of using a bow and arrow in such a way that hits the bulls-eye. This is one of the old arts and has been used by Greeks and Romans for recreation. In this blog, we will shoot ourselves back in time to trace the roots of this hard-on-brain-of sport.

1. The evidence of this game is first found in the Stone Age (around 20,000 BC).

2. The earliest reliable evidence comes from ancient Egypt, where people used arrows and bows for warfare and hunting.

3. Historically, arrows were made of wood in a pointed shaft to have an easy target.

4. Archery was the first attempt to hit the target through the arrow.

 5. In China, arrows and bows were used for warfare in the later centuries (during the rule of the Shang Dynasty).

6. China introduced Japan to archery around the 6th century. The art became more influential with the addition of more techniques.

7. Nowadays, archery is often depicted on pottery as well.

8. Steadily archery has developed to what we know as a competitive sport. It has developed through the eras from the stone age to postmodern times.

9. There are many types of bows & arrows which were used according to their intended target (or work). This is because each arrow and bow have its own specifications and importance.

10. Modern archery has taken its form out of the military practice of shooting accurately to perfect the skills of targeting and killing.

11. The first competition of archery happened in England in 1583. In 1900, it finally became a part of the Olympics.

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12. Indian women, Deepika Kumari, was the first gold medalist archery player in the Olympics.

13. Toxophilus: The School of Shooting about longbow archery by Roger Ascham is one of the first published books in London.

Archery has remained one of the brainstorming sports in the world. Nonetheless, it is fun too. So, if you often hit the bulls-eye with the paper-plane during the lecture, maybe you can try your hands at archery!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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