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Arey Ruko mai smjhata hu!

Arey Ruko mai smjhata hu!



As a woman, have you ever encountered a situation in which a man begins explaining something simple to you, and you want to immediately say, hn hn pata hai chal baap ko mat sikha! Mansplaining can occur at any time and at any place. Let’s learn more about it. 


  1. Mansplaining is a term used to refer to the explanation of something by a man, mainly to a woman in an overconfident or condescending way.

  2. We won’t get all logical because I would hate to explain things you already know. Let’s set a scene.

  3. Imagine yourself out on a date with your boyfriend in a romantic cafe.

  4. Things are going great, and you are having an incredible time. And then, you pick up the menu and think of what to eat.

  5. You order the Italian pasta, Aglio e Olio. And then, you witness something odd.

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  6. While you already know what pasta is, your boyfriend begins explaining what it is and what it contains. And you sit there screaming in your head, I KNOW! just like Monica in Friends.

  7.  The phenomenon of mansplaining may be recently named, but it most certainly has been around for centuries.

  8. One of the most famous examples of mansplaining occurred during Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMA acceptance speech when Kanye West interrupted her. Uninvited, West leaped onto the stage, grabbed Swift’s microphone, and announced that Beyoncé should have won. Swift was left speechless. 


Men may not always realize that they are mansplaining, but they sure should understand that it’s not a term coined by feminists. It is a real thing and, it happens to annoy and disrespect women. Let us know in the comments below if you have had a mansplaining incident. What were your thoughts, and more importantly, how did you react?

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