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Ye Relaxing Aroma Lamps Mehkaye Mann Aur Kamre, Dono!

Ye Relaxing Aroma Lamps Mehkaye Mann Aur Kamre, Dono!

aroma lamps

“With aroma lamps, give aroma to your reading habits and relax!”

For different people, the aroma has different meanings. Let me start with me first: A fragrance that fills my mood. For others, it may be provoking your thoughts to do something you want for a long or a peaceful or rejuvenating environment. 

Learn about some of the popularly regarded as serene and relaxing aroma lamps:

  1. Zoo Ooh La Lamp by La Tee Da

“Teri khushboo si nazar kare aisa jadoo har jagah…”

  • The lamp is a mood changer.
  • Full of aromatic crystals that do not burn but have great essence.
  • A great way to wash away your negative vibes
  • Little pricey for $ 34.75 available
aroma lamps
  1. Maple Leaves Aroma Lamps

“Lamp that masks the bad odour from your life.”

  • ASHLEIGH & BURWOOD presents you with the handcrafted and autumn-coloured fragrant lamp.
  • Plated with a golden framework
  • The hues are soothing that will swing away from your bad mood.

This vibrant red product is available at for Rs 3361.

  1. Purifying Brass Hand Loban “Desi Jugaad!”

“Khushboo wo ho jo pure ghar ko deewana banade.”

  • Besides your “pooja lamp,” the fragrance of this one will definitely make you homey and fresh.
  • Embrace its fragrance that simply helps you to declutter your mind.
  • Available at for Rs 2500
  • It also completes the purpose of “Dhuni”.
  1. Soulflower aroma lamp mist electric diffuser

“Sooraj mukhi jeisa lamp jo apka kamra meheka de.”

  • A refreshing and purifying diffuser that will lighten up your misty aura
  • The lamp has a calming aroma that will empower you to read and listen to some jazzy tracks.
  • A unique and sensible option to decor your room with this electric diffuser.
  • Eco-friendly aroma flower available at for Rs4,099.
Soulflower lamp

via pexels

  1. Golden Canyon Oil Scent Warmer

“Warm, sensuous, vibrant, colourful lamps.”

  • Very touchy and influential lamp for soothing.
  • Adding oil will burn away your darkness and make you dance in a warm light.
  • Many colours are available at for $12.99
aroma lamps

via lovetoknow

  1. Rosemoor Antila Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

“Sukoon se jeena ho to aromatic diffuser ke jiyo.”

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  • Along with a 6 months warranty, the diffuser has 7 different LED lights.
  • Available on for Rs 1,832.
  • The aroma lamp cum diffuser will surely bring your happiness back to you and empower you to think widely.
Ultrasonic Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

via rosemoore

  1. Oak Tree Touch Lamp

“Oak trees are healthy and rich, producing nuts for wildlife.”

  • Touch me “magar pyaar se”.
  •  The lamps had dual functionality as wax melt and oil burner.
  • Aroma essential lamp fulfils the purpose of life by diffusing natural fragrance and spreading positive vibes around you.
  • The lamp works on touching and executes 3 different light settings.
  • The aroma lamp is available on for Rs 2200.
Oak Tree Touch Lamp

via amazon

You all want to live happily in your life, AGREED. The aroma lamp has the magical powers to burn out negative vibes and cleanses the aura. It is the natural source of aromatherapy. 

“Jitni khushboo bikhare, utni he wah-wah ho aapki.”

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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