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No More Kora Art Paper, Sirf Rang!

No More Kora Art Paper, Sirf Rang!


Art paper comes in many variations. If you love to paint blank-paper with shades of your imagination, then art paper variations are what you need to know about.


As Indians, we have a special love for colours that can be witnessed with the celebration of Holi. Playing with colours is fun till they do not mess up with our favourite clothes, but a proper surface can make you an artist of your own creativity. So rather than putting your colours on random sources, let’s explore the best art paper for painting:

  1. Canvas Paper
  • One of the favourite paper surfaces for painting is made up of cotton or linen.
  • This paper is mostly used up with panels and inexpensive.
  1. Wood-based Paper
  • Practice makes a man perfect, so wood-based art papers are best for disposable work.
  • It also offers quality like a cotton rag and feels like getting a Zara dress from Sarojini.
  1. Sugar Paper
  • Quite a cheap one to buy, the best option for quick drawing and disposable work is sugar paper.
  • Do not keep this art paper for long, as colours might fade away from it, just like the message from your crush.
  1. Archival Grade Paper
  • Made out of pure cotton and providing the best texture–maybe you can wear it! Joking.
  • These ones do not react when used with acid and can be kept for longer durations.
  1. Japanese Art Paper
  • A generation based art paper making task supervised in best quality.
  • It can be used for creating a masterpiece, Chalo beta shuru hojao.
  1. Cartridge Paper
  • This paper was used in World War I to pack cartridge shells. So, you can trust it with your creativity bomb.
  • Best surface and texture, but corrections are not welcomed by this art paper. So, using this paper can seem more like the board-exam result.
  1. Oriental Paper
  • It is for the skilled artist as it is highly absorbent and ink quite fast. So, it seems like a valentine day–not for the unskilled, duh!
  • Oriental paper is thin and avoids swelling caused by water.

The right art-paper can wait, but your creativity should not. So, keep switching and trying all types of art related papers like all those dating apps. So, a match on tinder can be put on a halt, but a perfect match of art paper to your creativity is significant.

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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