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What Are Artillery Games? Tabahi Ka Dusra Naam Samajh Lo

What Are Artillery Games? Tabahi Ka Dusra Naam Samajh Lo

Artillery Games

So, what are Artillery Games? Let’s begin it this way:

Remember those good ol’ days of playing GTA right after your homework was completed? Activating the cheat code PANZER in GTA Vice City to destroy the whole town with it to gain that “noble” five police stars—alag hi lit tha na vo, haina?

Now, what if we tell you that there’s a specific gaming genre where “Artillery” is used to destroy the opponent (his bases and territory)?

1. Artillery Games are also known as Tank Games. A turn-based strategy shooting game is multiplayer, involving tanks or cannon to destroy each other.

Artillery Games

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2. In older times, artillery games were controlled by the text. Tanks were controlled by giving the command in the form of input data.

2D game

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3. One of the oldest artillery games is War 3 (Artillery 3), developed by Mike Forman in 1972. It was launched for Intel 8080, MOS Technology 6502, Zilog Z80 chips.


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4. The evolution of artillery games has made them more realistic and easy to move. Now you can set the angle and height to attack your opponent.

tank game, gaming

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5. A beloved multiplayer computer and Android game developed by BlitWise Productions in 2001: Pocket Tanks is one of the best examples of artillery games. There are up to 350 weapons in pocket tanks in which the player has to choose the best 10. The player to score the highest point in the 10 shots wins the round.

pocket tanks

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6. Worms 3d is a turn-based artillery game developed by Team17 in 2003. It has different modes, such as multiplayer and campaign mode. Campaign mode consists of small missions. In multiplayer mode, you have to eliminate worms.

7. ShellShock Live is a strategic artillery game developed by kChamp Games launched in 2015. There are eight game modes, including Deathmatch, Points, Assassin, Juggernaut, Rebound, Charge, Marksman, Soccer and Vortex. ShellShock has more than 418 weapons that can be upgraded according to levels.

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ShellShock Live

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8. Scorched 3D is a free artillery game developed by Gavin Camp in 2001. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s tanks by using the perfect angles and speed of the weapons. Levels are categorised according to the earned Medals. The more you win in matches, the higher you’ll rank.

Scorched 3D

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9. Cannon Brawl is a unique real-time strategy artillery game developed by Theresa Duringer and Pete Angstadt. It is an online multiplayer game where one needs to build their forces, killing airbases and machines of the opponent.

Cannon Brawl

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Artillery games are sometimes considered the best time pass games played on your PC and mobile devices: they don’t take much device storage, can be played in an arcade or multiplayer, helps you decrease stress, and if it’s a strategic artillery game, it’ll definitely sharpen your intelligence.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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