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As The Owner Of A Song, What Are Your Rights?

As The Owner Of A Song, What Are Your Rights?



What if someone claims that s/he is the owner of a song and not you?


In recent years, copyright issues have risen dramatically regarding the owner of a song. The song is not one particular element and consists of the rhythm, the lyrics and various voices. The Indian Cinema is incomplete without songs and music. Some compositions are also created outside a cinema, alien to the world of movies. The big question then is: Who is the owner of a song?



Frankly, this issue cannot be addressed in one line! But, because it relates to the complicated legal world, here we are back again to give you an idea around the laws regarding who is the owner of a song?



A) Copyrights Regarding Who Is The Owner Of A Song?

1.    Copyright is the exclusive right given to the subject to provisions in the law that gives one the legal permit to perform any of the actions listed.

2.    The works under the copyright mean that no other works can be covered by copyright claim.

3.    A significant thing to be remembered is that there is no definition in any part of this Act of the word “Album”.

4.    Since the track is part of a movie, the author claims ownership of the whole movie (including the composition).



B) Contracts Regarding Who Is The Owner Of A Song?

1.    In their released works in that particular film, the filmmaker would make contracts with the composer, lyricist and singer.

2.    The lyricist is paying for his song’s contribution, and the same is true of the musicians.

3.    Once charged, it is considered to be leased to the manufacturer for its rights.

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4.    However, these contractual terms have to be read closely.

5.    While the artists have sold the work for consideration to the distributor, it only includes the field of movies.



C) Moral Rights Bhi Toh Hai Author Ke Ya Nahi?

1.    Copyright shall not impair the copyright of any work of a film or sound recording. Nor the authors of the work be recognized as first proprietors of their copyrights.

2.    While the sound recording is considered the manufacturer’s possession, its ownership is not covered by the law.



The owner of a song is difficult to determine because it has many faces to be taken into account. Precisely, when deciding the property of an album, the details of one case are considered.

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