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Atul Dodiya: Artist Who Talk About Injustice

Atul Dodiya: Artist Who Talk About Injustice


How an artist talks about injustice through his art sounds impossible!! You may have seen an artwork or picture you may have just become stuck. You all have heard about M.F Hussain but have you heard about Atul Dodiya an artist who loves to talk. 

After reading this, the first thing you search for is ‘Atul Dodiya’. 

Atul Dodiya is an Indian artist born in 1959 in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

atul dodiya with a lady

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Atul Dodiya began exhibiting and selling his work in the early 1980s after graduating from college Sir J.J School Of Art.

sholay`s gabbar art

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Atul Dodiya had several shows in India and exhibited at Reflection and Images vadhera art gallery, New Delhi and Mumbai 1993 and trends and image CIMA, Calcutta 1993.

atul dodiya`s art

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He was given the Sanskriti award in 1995

atul dodiya

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Atul Dodiya`s painting of an oil and acrylic work on canvas dedicated to team India captain Rahul Dravid named “The Wall” fetched Rs 57.6 lakh in an auction.  

atul art the wall

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The Government of Maharashtra has awarded Atul Dodiya a gold medal.

atul dodiya art

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His famous works of art feature a woman from Kabul.

woman from kabul

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I want to tell you about the current situation in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, as it is nothing but terrible. In 2001, Atul Dodiya made a painting entitled “woman from Kabul” which is a reflection of the current situation in Kabul.

Atul Dodiya`s work is a potent reminder of the plight of the refugee. Woman from Kabul is a work about living in Afghanistan during the new millennium. Throughout his work, the artist recalls the collapse of a nation rich in history and resources. Against a very decorative backdrop of wallpaper, an elderly woman squats while bared of most of her black burka. Skin and bones, both of which are representative of the oppression and squalor in the city, form her body. 

Atul Dodiya himself is an art, just want to say Atul Dodiya Ek art hai art!!

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