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Automobiles could be called the most interesting

Automobiles could be called the most interesting

Ritika Gupta

Automobiles could be called the most interesting, and most useful commodity in history.

  1. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot from France was the one to construct the first automobile fardier à vapeur (a stream-driven vehicle).

  2. In 1680, the earliest experiments with internal combination engines were brought by a Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens.

  3. In 1860, the first successful internal combustion engine was developed by Jean-Joseph Etienne Lenoir of France.

  4. Nicolaus August Otto produced the first four-stroke internal combustion engine in 1876.

  5. In 1878, Sir Dugald Clerk developed the first two-stroke petrol engine and patented it in 1881.

  6. A three-wheeled single-cylinder motor car came in 1885 by Karl Benz.

  7. Gottlieb Daimler built the world's first motorbike in 1885.

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  8. The first four-wheeled motor vehicle was created in 1886 by Daimler, working with his design partner Wilhelm Maybach.

  9. Felix Wankel developed the first rotary engine in 1924 and awarded a patent in 1929. Nowadays, the Wankel engine is used mainly by the Japanese car company Mazda.

  10. The diesel engine was invented in 1893 by Rudolf Diesel. The first diesel engine had a 3-meter-long and was used to pump water.

  11. Lazlo Biro invented the automatic gearbox and sold the rights to General motors in 1924 for US$200 per month for four years.

  12. India’s first congenital car was the Tata Indica, which was built from scratch in India in 1998. Although the Indica might be out of production today but will always be cherished for marking India’s entry into the personal car space.

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