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Awkward Moments Se Bhara New Relationship

Awkward Moments Se Bhara New Relationship


Pyaar hua, izhar hua, phir kyu awkward hota hai dil.

In a new relationship, we often do not want to look desperate, eager or dull. These mixed emotions can make one super awkward. You feel scared of your actions, reactions and even words because you want your new relationship to grow, flourish and stay forever.


Well, you cannot be a couple really if you had not been through these super awkward moments in a new relationship:

  1. Bearing Differences

One loves to eat ketchup with maggie, while the other hates it, and when they play with your food choices, it can make you feel awkward. It is just too hard to clarify to your partner!

Bearing Differences
  1. Asking For Favors

Majboori aur awkwardness hamesha saath-saath chalta hai.

You feel awkward in asking for favours in a new relationship. Maybe you need financial help. In a new relationship, it can be awkward if you go about asking, “Aye baba mujhe bhi dena.”

Asking For Favors

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  1. Cringe Alert

“Mele babu ne thana thaya?” in the public domain showcase can make you feel awkward. Calling your partner with such names in a new relationship can often put them in an awkward situation.

Cringe Alert

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  1. Meeting His/Her Friends

Introducing your partner to your friends can also put them in an awkward situation. But remember, it is also a sign that he/she might want you to stay and be part of your life. At the same time, your bro-code and sis-code can also make them feel left out.

Meeting His/Her Friends

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  1. Physical intimacy

From holding hands to the first kiss, there will be a series of awkward moments when it comes to physical intimacy. “Kaisen, kab, kahan,” these questions hit you hard while you are thinking about kissing your partner for the first time.

Physical intimacy

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6. Ex confrontation 

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In a new relationship talking about an ex can make your partner feel awkward. Even a sudden meeting with an ex can make the situation worse.

Ex confrontation

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  1. Brutal honesty

In a new relationship being brutally honest can make one feel awkward and a little sad. Way too honest opinions on their appearance, weight and choices, can often put one into a situation of rethinking and reconsideration.

The awkwardness will be there in every new thing in a new relationship. You need to tackle it with care kyunki, jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya. But even more important is to strive for your love, for real.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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