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Babies Undergoing Baby Colic Look At Parents Like ‘You Find Me Cute? Wait Till I Cry Again!’

Babies Undergoing Baby Colic Look At Parents Like ‘You Find Me Cute? Wait Till I Cry Again!’


Baby Colic are episodes of continuous crying in babies. God has created nothing more beautiful than these little creatures, but Gawd! When They CRY!

We mean, it breaks hearts to witness them crying, but their crying could tell you more about them than you think!

1. It is usual for all newborns to cry, and the best way to communicate their needs at this tender age. Parents respond to the crying and fulfil the needs of their offsprings (although it pretty much remains guesswork, still).

2. But the crying is not that usual in babies with colic. It starts suddenly, for no apparent reason, and has no detectable cure.

3, No one knows the cause of baby colic–it might be due to gastric discomfort and intestinal cramping. It is not a disease but a combination of baffling behaviours. Accordingly, baby colic is not unusual or rare but common. It occurs in 1 out of 5 infants.

4. There is a technique used by doctors to diagnose colic in babies. It is called the rule of three: baby is crying for at least three hours a day, for at least three days in a week, and this routine persists for at least three weeks in a row.

5. Some theories are there for possible causes of colicky crying, like an immature digestive system, infant acid reflux, food allergies and tobacco exposure.

6. Symptoms for baby colic include leg pulled up to the stomach, a flushed face, clenched hands and a wrinkled brow. Also, the cry is often high pitched.

7. Treatment of colic is usually conservative in India and other places too. It includes using soothing motions, limiting stimulation, pacifier use, and carrying the baby around in a carrier. Dietary changes to a breastfeeding mother may also provide some relief to the baby.

8.  As it turns out, colic is not harmful to babies, but it does leave an impression on parents. Listening to a baby scream can be devastating, upsetting, and can take a physical and emotional toll.

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9. The good news is, baby colic rarely lasts up to one year of age, so all you need is some knowledge and patience.

 You do not need to worry if your child is going through a colic phase. A thorough checkup and some patience will help you get through it.

‘Chillax momma-dada. I am fineeee…’

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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