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Aao Jaane Baby Diapers Ki Dastaan (Kyunki, Why Not? L-O-L)

Aao Jaane Baby Diapers Ki Dastaan (Kyunki, Why Not? L-O-L)


Baby diapers are the big saviours for the mess created by babies. These cotton-made garments get wrapped between the legs and absorb urine and faeces. Cotton fabric is the most consumable fabric for a long time as it soaks sweat and allows fresh air to cross through its pores.

Har maa ka dialogue: “Beta diaper pehen lo, warna badi gaddbadd ho jayegi…”

But have you ever thought, in whose mind had this extraordinary idea (of the diaper) been originated?

  1. In the 800s, mothers in European nations and the United States used cotton clothes. They tightly wrapped it between the legs of the babies.

2. Baby diapers were first invented by Maria Allen in 1887.

3, The shape of those baby diapers was rectangular. The cloth was wrapped around and pinned up using safety pins.

4. The fabric used was cotton. Cotton clothes were used to avoid the soiling of the clothes (encopresis) and the mess that waste products create.

5. The method was practised around the world for many years.

6. On getting completely wet, the cloth was washed and reused again after getting dry.

7. After years, some countries like the United Kingdom named the diaper as nappy. It was made out of cotton-linen towels.

8. People thought that nappy is a small word given to a napkin.

9. The other countries that used diapers were the United States of America and Canada.

10. But, the cloth used was not rash-resistant. Also, such nappies lacked the circulation of airflow causing poor hygiene.

11. After a few developments in the 19th century, the first disposable diaper for the baby came into existence in 1942 in Sweden.

12. Later, in 1946, an American named Marion Donovan invented a shower curtain made boater. It was used as an outer covering of the diaper.

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13. Lately, in the 20th century, many organizations established the manufacturing of baby diapers with more developments.

14. Diapers manufacturing companies maintain proper hygiene and produce rash-free diapers. They also offer rash-free lotions.

Nowadays, for all Indian mammas, baby diapers are one of the most essential products without which they can’t imagine handling the mess their babies can make!

Ever imagined while changing the diaper of your baby, that there could be such a long history behind this thing!! We bet, if you are a mommy, you must be thanking all those inventors who came up with something like baby diapers. Right?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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