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Baby Powder Ki Biography: Komalta Se Cancer Tak

Baby Powder Ki Biography: Komalta Se Cancer Tak


A baby powder is an essential item for your baby’s better care and also — “vo naali mein giri ball ko ghar se powder chura ke sukhana aur phir se chauke chakke udaaye jaana.”

But ever thought, how was this match saviour, baby powder, invented?

  1. Baby Powder made its debut in 1893 and proceeded to the store in 1894.

2. It was invented in 1890 by Dr Frederick B Kilmer.

3. Baby powder is a type of fine white substance (more fine than salt).

  1. Baby powder may be made from talc or include corn starch as an ingredient.
  1. Those women who develop cancer after using talcum powder may be eligible to ask justice over a talcum powder lawsuit
  1. Talc, further identified as Talcum Powder, is a mineral made of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen

7. Talcum Powder can be substituted by corn starch, which you can easily find at supermarkets or grocery storehouses.

  1. Talc in undiluted form can be examined healthy.
  1. Baby Powder is just perfect for use as a dry shampoo

10. Also, you can apply just a bit of Baby Powder before you apply your wax. It will help you make the entire process painless.

  1. Be it dust, cotton harvesting or sand, anything which is as light as a powder is unhealthy for your respiratory system.

Of course, we all have heard of Johnson & Johnson, yes? Most of us share our tender skincare routines as a baby with momma and Johnson products. Well, dear dost, we are here to make a dent in your trust over the brand, LOL.

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In 2020, Johnson & Johnson Talcum Baby Powder was found guilty of containing such a substance that can lead to cancer (asbestos). As punishment, the jury awarded a payout to the company. Hence, if you are concerned about talcums, try organic and talc-free baby powders, Burt’s Bees Talc-Free Baby Dusting Powder.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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