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Myths About Baby Reflux That Needs To Be Busted

Myths About Baby Reflux That Needs To Be Busted


“Baby spit up and vomit. Is it a sign of baby reflux?”

“What is baby or infant reflux?”

Baby Reflux happens when stomach contents (undigested or digested formula) pass into the esophageal tube (connects the mouth to the stomach) during or after a meal. More than half of all babies experience it.

But, other than that, there are so many myths that are connected to it too. Let’s try and bust some most common myths about baby reflux, which people think are true.

  1. Myth: Babies with reflux just need to be positioned upright, and you just have to ‘deal with it until it passes.

Reality: Some reflux babies are helped a lot when faced upright for feeds and immediately afterwards.

For some, this may be the only treatment they need.

  1. Myth: Reflux in babies does not cause pain.

Reality: While some babies do not get pain from their reflux, others do. For example:- Some adults liken it to drinking battery acid, except that the acid comes up from the stomach. The same can happen with babies, and their esophageal lining can also suffer damage.

  1. Myth: Your baby has reflux because you are stressed during pregnancy.

Reality: Your baby does not have reflux because you are uptight or stressed, although your stress may impact your child. Generally, you are uptight and stressed out because of your child’s reflux; you do not cause it, and their reflux is not your fault.

  1. Myth: Reflux is all about spitting up; if they don’t spit up/vomit, they don’t have reflux (or their reflux is not severe)

Reality: It is not possible to judge the severity of a child’s reflux (or whether they have one) based on their vomiting. There are many different ways that reflux presents. Even though regurgitation/spitting up/vomiting are common in reflux, not all children with reflux do. Some children who do not vomit or spit up (“silent reflux”) can have severe reflux, while some children who do vomit may have very mild reflux.

  1. Myth: A Baby who vomits a lot has reflux.

Reality: A baby who vomits a lot, or has any other presentation of reflux, may not necessarily suffer from reflux.

They may have another condition, such as an infection or a metabolic disorder. These can be present similarly to reflux.

  1. Myth: Reflux medications control reflux and stop vomiting.

Reality: Reflux medications are used to prevent symptoms and help healing by reducing the amount of acid the esophageal is exposed to. This does not cure reflux nor stop your child from vomiting. Some children respond well to them (and may also do so almost immediately). However, some children may not show improvement for several weeks, if at all.

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  1. Myth: Reflux can be cured by surgery.

Reality: There is no cure for reflux (apart from time in some cases), and surgery is generally used as a last resort in managing reflux.

It can improve the quality of life for the child but is not a perfect solution, performed only in specific circumstances.

As you see here, there are so many myths and misconceptions that are attached to reflux. These may be worrying soo many parents for their babies. So, it’s always better to consult a doctor (than believing in myths or even us, for that matter).

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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