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Baby Swings: A Cliched Baby Shower Gift With Its Own Pros-Cons

Baby Swings: A Cliched Baby Shower Gift With Its Own Pros-Cons


The use of baby swings has become so common today that a baby swing is considered equally essential as the baby products from Johnson’s. Since it is for babies, there are pros and cons for baby swings as well. Read on to know more about both.

  1. Baby swing? Did you mean pendulum?

Exactly! A baby swing is a well-cushioned chair that swings to and fro when suspended on a durable and steady frame.

  1. A baby accommodating, multipurpose pendulum:

With time, more features have been added to the baby swings. Your little one can enjoy music, play with the toys hanging overhead, and even listen to a pre-recorded lullaby

  1. The place that feels like home:

In their motion, baby swings mimic a mother’s womb. It makes the baby feel the safe, cosy, and familiar feeling of being in the mother’s womb.

  1. Mother cares for the baby, swings care for both:

Baby swings save the mother’s efforts of rocking their baby in their arms to make him fall asleep.

  1. Khel khel mein seekh gaye:

Baby swings teach and improve the babies by helping with their motor development. It adapts the baby to new kinds of movement and enhances their visual skills.

  1. Multitasking? No thanks:

Baby swing provides the baby’s mother with the liberty of doing some chores other than the baby’s care. The baby can comfortably and safely sleep while the mother takes out time for herself.

  1. Like Jeetu bhaiyya said, 21 din lagte hain aadat ban ne mein:

Constant use of baby swings might cause sleep association problems to the babies, which means they will only fall asleep if they are in a baby swing.

  1. Thoda sa dhyaan to rakhna hi padega:

While being highly useful, baby swings can cause bruises on the baby’s skin in a few cases due to entanglement with the swing straps. Also, the baby’s airflow might get restricted if its face gets pressed against the swing’s cushioning.

  1. Note it down, or remember it well:

A baby swing is not just another toy for a baby. It must be safe for a baby. So pick the one in which the swing straps do not restrict the baby’s movements

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  1. Time up!

A baby swing can be a safe place for your little one’s short nap, but the infant shouldn’t sleep in a baby swing for long periods without your supervision.

  1. Age might be just a number, but so is the weight:

To ensure the proper safety of your little angel, make sure that your baby’s weight does not exceed the prescribed weight limit of the baby swing.

While it is used globally, a baby swing isn’t necessary to take good care of your baby. It all comes down to the coordination between you and your little one, or rather the way you cooperate with your little one. Because, honestly, the baby isn’t going to let you sit without rocking while in your arms!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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