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Baby Bedtime: Fixing Baby’s Sleep Schedule

Baby Bedtime: Fixing Baby’s Sleep Schedule


It is necessary to have a correct baby’s sleep schedule. And by a “correct” sleeping schedule, we mean a non-nocturnal lifestyle. 

There are people on the Internet who say things like, “There is nothing wrong with staying awake during nighttime” or “It’s okay to work during the nights”. It is okay to work during the nights, but that work comes with a heavy price. The truth is, humans are not nocturnal animals, and you are blighting your body every hour you stay awake during the night. The people that say this now will be more prone to heart attacks 20 years from now.

Having a correct sleeping schedule is a habit that must be instilled in kids early. Are you a new parent who is having trouble fixing your baby’s sleep schedule? Read on to know how to fix this issue:

1. Every experienced parent will abide by this saying, “It is essential to have a fixed baby’s sleep schedule”. As mentioned above, it will keep your baby healthy in the years to come.

2. Once a baby is 2-months-old, it becomes easy to predict its internal clock. It is at this time that it becomes possible to establish a fixed sleep schedule for the baby.

3. As more time passes, the internal clock will become more predictable. By the time the baby is 3-6 months old, you’ll notice that the baby will wake up and nap around the same time every day.

  1. This is the time when it becomes easy to anticipate when your baby’s about to sleep. Putting it down yourself when the baby is drowsy but still awake will teach the baby how to fall asleep.
  1. It should be kept in mind that any type of sleep training is effective only after 3-6 months. Moreover, every child has their own unique sleep schedule.
  1. Sleep training before 3 months doesn’t work because newborn babies do not have a sense of time. They spent 9 months inside a womb! There’s no way they know whether it is nighttime or daytime in the first 2 months of their life.
  1. Sleep training will also help in other areas of life. Having a fixed baby’s sleep schedule will allow for a fixed eating timetable. This will be beneficial for the internal food clock of the baby.
  1. New parents must be flexible and accommodating when it comes to sleep training. Try to stick as much as you can to your baby’s sleep schedule.

9. Try following a pre-sleep routine. This includes doing things that will let the baby know that it’s time to sleep. Reading a book or singing a lullaby are good examples. This will set the baby’s natural circadian rhythm.

It is a nightmare to sleep with untrained children. They sleep during the day while you are working and cry when they are wide awake during the nighttime, the time when you’re exhausted from all the work.

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How do I know all this, you ask? Well, I was one such kid in my time. That’s what my mother says, at least.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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