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Balsamic Fig Ice Cream for an Exotic and Cold Dessert-Day

Balsamic Fig Ice Cream for an Exotic and Cold Dessert-Day

Ritika Gupta

Balsamic Fig Ice Cream is a rare Ice Cream Flavour in India. But, it has recently begun to make its way through the various Flavoured Ice Cream Shops around the nation.

 1. Also known as Common Fig, Fig Fruit is a native fruit of the West Asia and Mediterranean region, now widely cultivated throughout the world.

2. Balsamic in the “Balsamic Fig” stands for (Balsamic) Vinegar, made with an Italian Wine (Trebbiano) Grape Juice.

3. The 2 primary components of Balsamic Fig Ice Cream are obviously, Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Figs. Other ingredients include a pinch of salt, whipped cream and sugar.

4. Some variations of  this ice cream might also contain coconut milk, vanilla, honey, brandy and apricot preserves.

5. There are several variations of this peculiar ice cream flavour: Roasted Fig Gelato, Honey Roasted Fig Ice Cream, Caramelized Fig Ice Cream, Fig Fudge White Chocolate Ice Cream etc.

6. Thinking about where to find this exotic ice cream flavour in India? Ibaco is one of the Ice Cream Brands, which have a chain of Ice Cream Stores in India. Here you can try Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone Ice Cream and also, Fig & Honey Ice Cream.

7. Coolhaus is one of the most popular Ice Cream Brands for savouring Balsamic Fig Ice Cream. Kapiti is another brand that provides Fig Ice Cream Variations. One of the most consumed flavour by Kapiti is Fig & Manuka Honey Ice Cream.

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So, when are you planning to devour this exotic flavoured Ice Cream?

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