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Basil Ice Cream: “Garam Tulsi Ye Thande Aangan Ki”

Basil Ice Cream: “Garam Tulsi Ye Thande Aangan Ki”


Basil ice cream or Basil plant, “Tulsi humare aangan ki shuddhi hai.” How about you having herbal hari-bhari ice cream for some freezing shhudhi from a yummy dessert?



Basil is super beneficial for your appetite and in terms of the medicinal side. Considering this as a natural ingredient, you will find this traditional plant in every next Indian House or the tea of its members!



“Par Tulsi se bani ice cream ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh babu?”

So, gamble your taste buds by tasting the world of basil ice cream!



1. Basil ‘n’ Creamy Ice

      Combining a scoop of ice cream with basil will make a more authentic flavour.

      The best combination is quite your evening healer.



2. Get a Bite of Earthy Basil Ice Cream

      Adding basil seeds to numerous flavours like choco chips, vanilla ice creams, etc., will get you a habit-forming phase.

      Basil will work and will give you an aww feel.



3. Beyond Home Remedies

      Basil has got the natural essence and power to add its aura beyond the home.

      Just adding a few basil leaves at the top of any flavoured ice cream will have some cooling moments to feel.



4. Availability Of Basil Ice Cream Around You

      Himalaya Food International Limited offers you mango-basil

      The Frozen Tree, Kolkata, yummy serves strawberry and basil popsicles.

      Pup Town in Pune does serve healthy basil ice cream of various flavours.



5. DIY Basil Ice Cream

“Wo kehte hai agar din ki shuruaat basil kha kar kare toh wo apka stress release karta hai.”

      Starting your day with basil leaves proves to be a stress buster.

      So, having basil with an ice cream early in the morning will be the most happening scenario, I do believe. What a sweet gesture to kickstart your day.

      Making ice cream is the best way to quickly pass your leisure time, where you can add your favourite ingredients.

See Also

      Adding mint along with basil leaves is such a cooling effect.



6. Serve Basil Ice Cream With More Extra Basil

      Even if you find ice cream which is already basil-infused into it, you can definitely serve it with some extra fresh basil around it.

      Name it later as hari-bhari ice cream.



7. Basil Ice Cream Is A Worth A Try

      You must try churned basil leaves in an ice- cream to give your taste buds a twisted flavour essence.

      The flavours could be strawberry, vanilla, minty-chocolate combo, cubes of mango, peach, etc.



Professional chef of France and Belgium, David Lebovitz, has performed many experiments with basil in different flavours of ice cream.



“So, have a spoonful of basil ice cream with homemade baked cookies for a chilling, healthy, fun eve!”

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