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Basketball Rules: Eat, Sleep, Dunk, Repeat

Basketball Rules: Eat, Sleep, Dunk, Repeat



Everyone wants to play Basketball as Rohit Mehra played for Pandavas in Koi Mil Gaya. The much-loved fictional team from the movie won the Hero Honda Cup, not because of Rohit but because of their teamwork.

The movie taught us: Perfect Teamwork leads to Perfect Victory. Basketball is a Teamwork game played on a rectangular court with a 5-a-side player.

1. Basketball & Its Objective

  • What is Basketball: 5-a-side teamwork game played on a rectangular court.

  • Objective: Shooting a “basket” (the game-ball) in the opponent hoop and defending opponents from scoring.

2. History of Basketball

  • Inventor: James Naismith (in 1891).

  • First Basketball Game: Played in Springfield College on December 21, 1891.

3. Basket Game Rules

  • Dribbling Players: Once a player stops dribbling the ball, he cannot begin another round of dribble.

  • Dribble While Moving: The player must dribble the ball while moving. One can only move one foot when both hands touch the ball or dribble is stopped.

  • Backcourt Violation: Once the player scores the half-court, he cannot go to the backcourt.

  • Players cannot hit the ball with their legs.

4. Basketball Equipment

  • Basket: The hoop is 10ft above the ground, all 18 inch in diameter. Basketball backboards are 6ft wide and 3.5ft tall.

  • Basketball Ball: Official basketball comes in SIZE 7. Basketball measures 29.5, circumstances and weighs around 623 grams. The NBA Game Ball is made of leather manufactured by Horween Leather Company in Chicago. 

  • Basketball Shoes: Basketball shoes help to prevent foot, ankle injuries. These types of shoes are suitable for jumping on hard floor running etc.

5. Basketball Point System

There are 3 ways to score points in a Basketball game:

6. Measurements of Basketball Court

  • The length of the basketball court is 26m-28m.

  • Usually, the width of the basketball court is 15m.

7. United Basketball Alliance (UBA)

  • UBA is the first Indian professional basketball league founded in 2015.

  • First UBA Match: Played on July 17, 2015. Consisted of 8 teams from different states.

  • Chennai slams won the 2 times UBA championship.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Get your team ready to hustle hard and win it! That’s the Basketball of Sport called Life.

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