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With A Bass Guitar, Rock Would Just Be Pathar!

With A Bass Guitar, Rock Would Just Be Pathar!


The Bass Guitar is an instrument without which groovy rock music wouldn’t be possible. It’s all about that instrument, which a long-haired music artist takes into his hands, slaps and plucks the strings, and the crowd hears it goes wild.

1. Known as the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family, Bass Guitar is a plucked string instrument. In terms of appearance, it is similar to an electric guitar, only with a longer neck and scale length.

Bass Guitar

2. Bass Guitars mostly come with 4-to-6 strings or courses. The one with a 4-string is tuned the same as the double bass. To be clearly heard at a performance, a Bass Guitar requires external amplification.

3. The first Electric Bass Guitar was developed in the 1930s by musician and inventor Paul Tutmarc in Seattle, Washington. It was built in its modern form as a fretted instrument designed to be played horizontally.

Electric Bass Guitar

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4. Leo Fender and George Fullerton created the first mass-produced Bass Guitars. As they were mass-produced, they were more affordable, portable and louder. It revolutionised the whole scene for the gigging musicians as they didn’t need to carry heavy bass to their performances.

Leo Fender

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5. Monk Montgomery was the first Bassist to tour with the Fender Bass Guitar in 1953. Roy Johnson and Shifty Henry also played Fender Bass. Bill Black also replaced upright Bass with Fender in 1957. Paul McCartney, Joe Osborn and Carol Kaye also were pioneers of the instrument.

6. In the 1950s, several companies started manufacturing Bass Guitars including Gibson, Rickenbacker, Hofner, Danelectro, Kay Musical Instrument Company, and Burns London.

7. 1960 came with spiking popularity in Rock Music. Many more manufacturers started to release their Bass Guitars in the market. Yamaha, Guyatone, and Teisco were some of these.

8. Alembic established high end or boutique Electric Bass Guitars. These were expensive, stylish, custom made and hand-finished. Stanley Clarke, Jack Casady, and Phil Lesh were known to use these custom made Bass Guitars.

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Electric Bass Guitars

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9. Traditionally Bass Guitars are fretted instruments. Fretless Bass Guitars were also used by some artists. Bassist Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones converted a UK Built Dallas Tuxedo bass by removing the frets and filling in the slots with wood putty. That modified fretless guitar was used in songs such as “Mother’s Little Helper” and “Paint It Black“.


Bass Guitars

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Bass is an inseparable part of rock music. Maybe that’s why Charlie Haden said, “The bass, no matter what kind of music you’re playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything.”

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