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Bedroom Was Always There, From Fortifying Privacy To Peaceful Sleep

Bedroom Was Always There, From Fortifying Privacy To Peaceful Sleep


A Bedroom is an integral part of any house. After a tiring day at work, going into your room and resting there feels nothing less than paradise. Let’s know more about this residential unit.

1. A bedroom is a room situated in the house, primarily for sleeping and resting. A typical bedroom can contain a bed or two, a dressing table, a clothes closet.


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2. In old times, it was common in the large Victorian houses to have a private dressing room for the gentleman and a sitting room for the lady of the house attached to the bedroom.

3. Back in the 14th century, lower-class people used to sleep on mattresses stuffed with hay and broom straws. Later in the 16th-century, feather stuffed mattresses became popular, and in the 18th century, they were replaced by cotton and wool mattresses.

14th Century, Bedroom

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4. In the 16th century, a middle-class person earning well could afford a mattress after seven to eight years of marriage. The first coil spring mattress was invented in 1871.


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5. Furniture and items in the bedroom can vary from individual to individual based on their taste, tradition, and socioeconomic status. Built-in closets are not in typical use in Europe as compared to North America. There is greater use of freestanding wardrobes in Europe.

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6.The bedroom is often the reflection of one’s personality. Many people like their bedroom to be customized according to their taste and preference.

7. Bedrooms for children can contain TV sets, bunk beds, book stands, gaming set up & console. Most of the bedrooms have similar contents like a double bed, nightstand, small lamps and alarm clock.

8. In Western Countries, a master bedroom can also have a bathroom attached to it, a large window for ventilation, a small desk and chair, and a music system, all depending on the owner’s preference.

9. In the 16th century, working-class people used to have a chamber pot (a portable toilet pot) under their bed. It was before bathrooms in dwellings and modern domestic plumbing.

A chamber pot

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From the saddest moments to your most cherishable bedroom, a bedroom shares them all with you.

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